Hi! Drama Review

October 30, 2017

Written and Performed by Ted Greenberg

Directed by Elizabeth Margid

Presented by Lyle Courtney Productions

Sets/Lights by Guy de Lancey
Costumes by Becky Bodurtha
Sound by Luqman Brown
Movement by Mary Hodges
Associate Director Jolene Noelle
Stage Manager Fatimah Amill
Production Manager: Kai Brothers
Associate Lighting Designer: Katie Ryan
Assistant Lighting Designer: Valerie Insardi
Associate Sound Designer: Caroline Eng
Assistant Sound Designer: Francesco Giacomarra
Creative Producer Lanie Zipoy

Ted Greenberg’s ACE is his problematic relationship with his financier Father, graduating from Harvard, and his life as a New York City cab driver.

It is 1987 and in order to finally graduate from Harvard he has to turn in his English essay on Edmund Spencer which was due years ago. It has finally come down to postmark that paper by today or never get that diploma. He has till midnight. At the same time he is trying to break the cabbie record and pick up 50 fares before his shift ends.

Will he be able to accomplish either task? What hold does his Dad have on him? How does Ivan Boesky figure into the narrative?

Ace is the nickname his Father gave himself in college which shows the confident, go after what you want, kind of guy his Dad was and Ted is not.

I was fascinated by the twists and turns the story went much like the cab rides and passengers he had. He has this amazing knack of being able to pair his passenger with the right kind of music: If he could only figure his own life out so easily.

Ted Greenberg is a mesmerizing story teller as I first learned ages ago when he did “The Complete Performer” at the Fringe and at Soho Playhouse. Luqman Brown’s sound design really captured the sounds of driving a cab through the city.

I found myself rooting for Ted to finish that paper, pick up 50 fares and resolve his differences with his Dad which was epitomized with the catcher’s mitt incident.

The title has more than one meaning which will be revealed to you when you see this show which I think is aces!



Wednesday & Thursday at 7pm
Friday & Saturday at 8pm
Wednesday & Saturday at 2pm
Sunday at 3pm


10 W. 64TH ST.



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